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Whether you’re getting your car serviced, having a MOT or just a vehicle check you want to find a garage which you can trust and rely on. After looking at cars of our neighborhood for many years it shows how trustworthy and reliable, we are. Our qualified trained mechanics are able to ensure that your vehicle is in safe hands and whatever problem you have will be solved with precision and care.

We treat your vehicle as it was our own and ensure you get the best outcome possible. As a small business we are able to give you as much attention as we do to the vehicles. We provide the best service with the value for money which suits you. We work very hard making sure your car is back on the road as soon as possible. We also use the latest technology and equipment which shows how much we care about you and the vehicle.

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An MOT is a legal requirement by critiered by the DVSA and enforced by the government. An MOT inspection is carried out by a qualified mechanic whom is DVSA approved.

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Interim Service

It consists of a visual check of the whole car and report back if anything needs changing, replace oil and oil filter, check all car filter and report back if it needs changing or not..

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Full Service

A full service includes Fluid level checks, exterior and underbody checks, interior and electrics inspection, written condition report, oil replacement and also engine replacement. top up of antifreeze will come at an extra cost.

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Major Service

A major service includes the same as a full service however you will get Air filter replacement, fuel filter replacement (diesel engines), spark plugs (petrol engines) and a vehicle road service..

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The MOT test changed on 20 May 2018 with new defect types introduced, stricter rules for diesel car emissions, and certain vehicles over 40 years old becoming exempt. For more information on the changes follow this link

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